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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Wildfires in South Africa

Earlier in June, 2017, the area of Knysna, South Africa, was ravaged by wildfires.  Friends of mine, Gill and Graham Maskill, owner of Africa 2000 Tours, were able to escape with their two pets, and their house survived.  The fire burnt to within two feet of their front door!
However, the devastation includes the local flora as well as the wildlife in the area.  They are working hard to clear the area and replant the flora, provide food and water for the wildlife, as well as veterinary care.  Much of the wildlife were burned and have had to be euthanized by the vets.
Money is needed to fund all of this, so if you are willing to make a donation, of any size, it will do much good.  Just $25 is enough to fund two workers for a day, in clearing and re-planting the area.  You can make donations via Pay Pal to:
PayPal.Me/eastfordglendisaster for the housing area work and to for the animal rescue/rehabilitation work.  

Thank you for caring.  



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