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Started as a club for budget and independent travelers, we have been in existence since July, 2001. We meet at 7:00 pm the first Tuesday of each month, in alternate months February through December, at the Arcade Public Library Community Room, 2443 Marconi Avenue. We no longer meet monthly because the library no longer sponsors us and the booking rules for the community room made the change necessary. The meetings feature a speaker, plus time for exchanging information within the group. There are no membership dues. The second Tuesday of the alternate months between meetings, we have dinner at an ethnic restaurant. Each summer we have a potluck dinner at my home. In 2005 I added club tours to our activities and they have been very successful. To be added to the e-mail list, or for further information, contact Judith Anshin by e-mail at and please put "travel club" in the subject line.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

This originally came from a Frommers Guide, I believe.
"I have a funny story about the things I dislike. Last summer my husband and I and 6 year old son went for a 2 week summer vacation in Japan, for fun. I always rehearse and remind my son what we expect of him before we go overseas. As we were standing in line for the plane, I thought this was a good time to rehearse with my son the "rules" and our expectations. I said, "We're going to a different country where almost everthing will be different. If you want things to be the same as at home, then you should stay home and we can arrange that. There will be no whining and complaining or next trip you stay home. Most likely there will be things that will happen that are not going the way we want. We are going to make the best of it, and we will laugh about it when we get home. You must use a calm indoor voice at all times and talk softly in front of other people." The man in front of us in the line said, " Lady could you please make the same announcement to the entire plane?"


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